Article 1: Condition of the car

The car is delivered in working order and neat condition. The vehicle shall be returned in the same condition of neatness and same fuel level, otherwise an agreed amount will be deducted from the deposit. The car is delivered with five good tyres without cut, if any damage other than normal wear and tear, the renter will have to pay the cost. Smoking and presence of pets are strictly not allowed in the car.

Article 2: Use of the car

Under penalty of cancellation of the insurance policy, the renter binds himself not to allow the car to be driven by any other person than himself or those approved by Zent Car Rental Ltd and whom he answers for.

Article 3: Maintenance and repairs

Normal wear and tear is Zent Car Rental ltd responsibility. Any repair arising from abnormal wear and tear, or due to lack of care of the renter, causing accident against a third party or against anyone property, shall be chargeable to him and carried out by Zent Car Rental ltd.

Article 4: Hiring, Deposit and extension

The rental fees as well as the deposit amount are payable in advance. In no case the deposit shall be used for a prolongation of hiring.

Article 5: Repatriation of the car

The renter must contact Zent Car Rental ltd in case of breakdown or accident. The renter has no right to repair the vehicle nor shall he abandon the vehicle.

Article 6: Responsibility

The renter remains solely liable for fines, contraventions and other proceedings against him. Zent Car Rental ltd reserves the right to cause the car to be verified anytime and anywhere. The renter is responsible for any illegal item found in the car while in his possession or possession of anyone he or she gave access to.

Article 7: Cyclone

Upon the issue of cyclone warning class 3, the vehicle shall not circulate, otherwise the renter shall be responsible for any damage. Within Cyclone Warning, the renter shall make sure to keep the car in a safe place, if he can not do so, he must contact the company as soon as Warning class 1 in inforced to seek help.

Article 8: Insurance

The car is covered by a fully comprehensive policy in excess of Rs 20000 In the unlikely event of an accident, the renter is responsible for the first Rs 20000 and an additional daily fee during the repair time as per the normal Tariff.

Updated: 14 May 2023